Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mumbai 19th to 25th Sept 2010

Lobby area of Le Royal Meridien Hotel. The service quality of this hotel is really very good.

This is my hotel room. The bed is one of the most comfortable I have slept in.

Too many cars in India so they have to move upwards to maximize space.

This is my ride during my one week stay in Mumbai, a Chevrolet Tavara.

Parking space in Mumbai is limited and tight too.

An old Indian Fiat Taxi.

British Leyland? No, it's Ashok Leyland.

A man gardening on the roof top of a tall building without any harness. Sorry, couldn't zoom in any more.

Homeless man sleeping on a busy road. Common sight in Mumbai as there are even families sleeping by the road side. It hurts my heart especially seeing old folks who are homeless.

A beach in Mumbai.

Partying in Mumbai. I was tipsy, the photographer is drunk.

At the party with people I just got to know.

Me at the Gateway of India. Beautiful isn't it?

The Famous Taj Mahar Hotel. It's really grand.

Many of these horses with carriage at the tourist spot.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hong Kong from 24th to 27th Aug 2010

One Happy Pooh!
Pooh grabbing a Fairlady
Pooh taking picture of me
Ken's Garage

Dim Sum, yum.
It's fun to have Pooh around. We plan to go Japan next year.

Scene in Macau (26th Aug 2010)

We have lots of fun in Macau and we went to Venetian too. This is my second trip to Macau and generally the prices in Macau are lower than in Hong Kong. Fews things which is a must do or visit in Macau, St Pauls, the food and the casino.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tokyo from 28th May to 2nd June

First meal of the day in Tokyo

500yen for this decent meal, not as expensive as what you think right?

Asakusa revisited

A restaurant in Asakusa

Backstreet of one portion of Asakusa

Likely to visit Japan again likely in 2011. Will not wait 4 years again for sure.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Japan, Spring 2010

4th April 2010, the day which I set off for Tokyo for my business trip in Japan. It was quite exciting for me as I love Japan much more than any other countries. I can also get to meet our business associate in Misaki City as I would like to see their office and workshop. Although I may be flying to Tokyo, I am actually staying in Misaki. You might be wondering where it is, well, it is about 2 hrs drive from Narita Airport in Chiba, past Tokyo then Yokohama, Yokosuka then here we are, Misaki. Misaki is a very small city if to compare with Tokyo. It is the country side look of Japan, it is in fact, more of a fishing village where I will be staying. Senmu San was at airport early to pick me up. Weather is 6 degree C and how comfortably cool and it was raining that day, waited outside breathing the fresh air while I wait for Senmu San to drive his car over. I may speak too early, 6 degree C plus raining is all right if I stay out for 10 mins, but for 20 mins, it was starting to freeze (for me) as Senmu San does not know how to drive his car from car park to my waiting area. I followed him to the car park and off we go to Misaki.

Here we are, the hotel is near to the fishing port. Interesting and also a different experience for me to see how country life is. The only complain I have, city too dark after 7pm, no activity at all, nowhere to go, so stay in hotel room and watch tv after work every day.

Senmu San says that I am lucky as Cherry Blossom season just started a day before I reach Japan. See above picture of Sakura in Misaki City, beautiful right?

Sakura in Tokyo when I was there visiting some customers. The Cherry Blossom did start to wither when I was about to go back to Singapore too. Sad....

Tokyo Tower, I always wanted to see this tower. Seeing this tower reminds me of a sad Japanese drama serial, "Tokyo Tower - My mum & I, sometimes Dad". I did cry like a baby when I watch this drama, so touching.

This is the president's car, Kasakura San, who drives me to Tokyo in his huge Nissan Cima 4.5 V8

This is Senmu San's car (Managing Director for Tokyo Nozzle), a first generation Toyota Prius. This car took me around in Yokohama.

A car park in Yokohama, if you want to get your car back, the operator will have to "rotate" till you find your car.

This weird looking wagon is the one who picks me up from airport. It's a Nissan but I do not know her name and she is quite an ugly wagon for sure. Nothing much to show for this trip as I said, it is business, not leisure. I will be back more on Japan as going again in May, this time will be leisure.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hong Kong Exhibition

Before the exhibition starts, workers setting up out booth

After booth is set up

Me standing at our booth

Roasted goose and cha siew rice

Fishball Noodle

A nice Rolls captured when I was strolling on the street