Friday, April 29, 2011

Cyprus 7th to 9th April

Another way to look at Cyprus. Beautiful landscape.

After seeing mountains after mountains, we see some houses finally.

Our hotel in Limassol, Cyprus. A little disappointed as I thought it would be near the beach.

Nice building spotted while we travelled in a taxi.

There are many kiosks or souvenir shops like this in Cyprus so you are able to buy souvenirs anywhere you go.

We lunched in Charcoal House restaurant and I saw this 50s/60s Coca-Cola vending machine.

Another one in the same restaurant.

We walked along the beach back to hotel rather than to take a cab.

There are many stray cats in Cyprus and I always stopped and play with anyone of them.

An Orange stall at the beach selling orange juice.

Graffiti in Limassol.

The sand is so fine that I couldn't resist myself to feel them.

My Kombie follows me around the world whenever I travel.

We are heading for Athens now. Goodbye Cyprus.