Sunday, March 8, 2009

Morris to take on the world

Kyaw helping me to cut out the certifiate of authenticity while I do the packing of the toy.

A sample product with self made certificate. Saved $150.00 but my younger bro have to do overnight to key in all 480 running numbers.

Sexy rear of van with "50km/h" label

Shaggy Loon passed by to say "hallo hallo"

First batch of a dozen Morris Van to take on the world as Pmax Ambassador. First stop, United Kingdom, where Morris Minor is born. Big bro will bring them tomorrow to UK to our customers. Go! Go! Morris.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Woman Drivers

No offense to ladies but I find it so funny.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pa Pa's Birthday!!!

Well, just a simple meal in a Teochew restaurant.

Some of our favourite dishes, spare me for the names. The one in the centre is the cold dish.

The Grenade

A book by the title "Dealing with Difficult People" caught my eye while looking for a magazine on my big bro's table. There are 10 types of difficult people as described in the book so I eliminate 7 and the 3 closest that describes me (in my big bro's view) will be the "tank", the "sniper" and the "grenade". After some reading, I think my big bro should regard me as the "grenade". See below pic. But the book is a little wrong on me, I would prefer the "victim" to pester me, I would prefer the person who I am mad with to talk to me asap rather than to let me cool down. One thing that the book is absolutely right about me is, "I need attention".

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sales Everywhere

There are so many sales everywhere recently. What I mean is sales that are really worth to spend for. Was in IMM with my parents on Friday night as they wanted to buy some cheap jackets in "Giant". Saw that there is one booth selling perfume at half price or at least 30% off I guess. There is a huge variety, Hugo Boss, CK, Burberry, Guy Laroche, Benetton, Polo, Davidoff etc. Well, bought a "Hummer" 125ml @ only $45.00 and "Guy Laroche Drakkar" 100ml @ only $40.00. Isn't that cheap??? Last night, I was with my friend at OG and they are having 20% off plus extra 7% off for GST. They are also doing clearance on some toys like "Indiana Jones". Bought a tank and a jeep only @ $10.00 each, original price is $39.90, that is about 75% less and they still less extra 7%, so I am paying $9.30 for each. This is really good buy but seriously I do not collect Indy toys, second thoughts, I seriously like Indy's movies.