Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Muslims & 4 Chinese

I was having dinner with my colleague, Kyaw, this evening. He was telling me stories in Myanmar many years ago. He said that the British brought people from India into Burma and immigrants from China moved to Burma as well. At that time in the whole of Myanmar, Muslim has only 3 "persons" and Chinese only 4 "persons". In my mind, I was thinking how the hell did Myanmar multiply its Muslims and Chinese community with just 3 Muslims and 4 Chinese???? I know that there are quite a number of Muslims and Chinese living in Myanmar at the moment. So I asked him, "Kyaw, why Myanmar only 3 Muslims and 4 Chinese at that time? So everyone knows these 7 people since the government and you know that there are such a small community exist in the country?" He also puzzled by my question so I told him what I understand from his story. He then exclaimed.... not "Person"..."Persen...Persen Persen... Percentage!!!". We had a good laugh. This should be the "n" times I misunderstood my dear friend. The first time, I mistook his "Good for Health" into a whole new meaning, "Go to hell", he nearly fainted on the spot. Will post Kyaw's picture soon. He looks like HK star, 刘青云 but many aunties mistook him as Malay and kept speaking Malay to him even he replied in English. Our company cleaner aunty (who is Chinese)still think that he is a Malay and kept talking to him in Malay everyday?!!???!!?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pmax Morris Van

Boxes of Pmax Morris Minor

Nice Box!

Whole fleet of Pmax van & close up of van

The Morris van arrived last week!!!! But my box is not ready yet. I hope I can get them ready by 1st week of March as my dearest big bro flying to UK on 9th March to visit our 衣食父母(Customers). These are actually our corporate gift for year 2009. The imprint is design by me, ok, I use my mouth to instruct my younger brother on the designing on the software with the help of sketch I have done up. This van has travel a long way from country of origin to Singapore. Order was placed to Saico of Hong Kong, vans are sent from the factory in China to Kulua Lumpur for imprinting purpose and land transported to Singapore after imprint done.

"Prototype" of the box

I am thinking what to do next year as it is our 10th anniversary. Last year, I did a solar key chain with our logo on it that flashes.

Did check with Corgi of UK but minimum quantity is 1000 pcs and approx. $12.00 per set based on 1/43 scale of their vehicles (ex-works China). Good thing about Corgi is, they have a good reputation for diecast and definately a worthy product for serious collectors and best of all, they produced certificate for every cars.

Big bro, if you are reading this, maybe we should plan for 2010. What should we do next since it is our 10th anniversary. Cup, Cap, Pen.... ???? Since 2010 is World Cup year, should we do a mouse pad with 32 flags of all qualified countries? Since our list of customers are from Soccer expert nations (England, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Japan etc). Well, just a suggestion.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Go! Go! YRV

Hiya... This is my first post. Why "Go! Go! Jedison"? I am inspired by the "Go! Go!" theme of my beloved car, YRV. "Go! Go!" sounds like "加油" to me but a cooler way to express it.

Above is my "小黄", though its not an expensive car but has serve me well all these years and I love it very much. Actually if I can afford, I would like to keep it forever but rather not possible for me to own 2 cars at one time. But, if I can own only 1 car for life, that will be the Citroen SM (SM stands for Sports Maserati). It's a Citroen that is 2 doors that looks like a spaceship and had a Maserati engine in it. Anyone ever wonders why old Citroen had their rear wheel half covered? To keep the Cd (drag coefficient) low so as to let the car had the least resistance against the wind when moving. Based on this website, , only not more than 13,000 units produced from 1970 to 1975. Only left hand drive is produced so we are not getting any in Singapore! Oh, how can I get my hands on this car if I can afford it one day?

I am also a toy car collector, mainly vintage Tomicas but anything that interests me, I will buy and add into my collection. See the miniature version of my car.