Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taj Mahal Hotel

I requested to take a look at the Taj Mahal Hotel as I heard it is famous even before the terrorist attack last November. These ill-fated hotels like Taj Hahal and Oberoi Trident suffered in the hands of those merciless attackers because they are easy target since they are near the coast and obviously they are also top graded hotels. Below are videos that I took, apologies as I can only take them in the car as we are just only passing by (I am there for business and not leisure obviously).

Taj Mahal partially close, vid shows first floor where Wasabi Restaurant was gutted.

I was told the shorter building behind the taller one is the Oberoi Trident.

Horn OK Please

All slow moving vehicles have this "Horn OK Please" on their asses. If you have been to India, you will understand how impatient Indian drivers are. They will horn you even if you delay moving off by half a second. But I seriously do not understand why "Horn OK Please".

Vehicles in India

Daily Traffic Jam

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sedan, took picture of this because we don'y have this model in Singapore

Public bus is a common transport in Mumbai

Me in a rickshaw. We call it a "cockroach" as it looks like one.

Old Fiat Taxi which you can see it everywhere in Mumbai

Food of India

Me making faces in a posh restaurant. The restaurant looked like a cave and is patronize mainly by foreigners like me.

I had bread (prata look alike), lamb leg, masala chicken and naan.

Front: Ah-Cha, very salty unlike Singapore ah-cha

Middle: Chutney, a sauce commonly consumed in India

Far: Onion but red, soak in beet root I guess. It's sweet, I like it

Another famous restaurant in Mumbai, me having Kingfisher beer.

They serve very good food there too.

Curried Lamb served in Le Meridien Hotel. Yum!!!

Overall, I simply love the food in India

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birdday Enyozilla

Happy Birthday Gerald (aka Enyomic or Enyozilla)

Celebrating Gerald's birthday in Swissotel Merchant Court. Pooh attack the crayfish while I attack the oyster so we make Gerald's money worth. Huge variety of food and food consider good compared to some other hotel buffets. We are there to have food and also FUN!!!!
Me & Travis taking photo while one Zilla disturbing behind us.

Oops, I forgot to on the flash light.
Travis & Pooh getting up close & personal.......

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hamburg Alster Festival

Inner Lake where the festival goes round this lake. The festival is held for 3 days and roads will be closed so that visitors can walk round it.

It is a fun fair where there are beers, food, games and concert to entertain everyone.

Swans!!!! I am an animal lover, I love them to be roasted.

Hamburg St. Nikolai Church

This is one building I simply cannot help but stop to take photos. Most beautiful and grand church I have seen even though it is burn down and half the church is ruined in WW2. St. Nikolai church was just located in front of our hotel and I can see it everyday from my room's view.

This church is so huge that my camera couldn't capture the who site so I just concentrated on this beautiful tower.

I believe this should be the front doors of the church

Read it if you like to know why it is ruined.

Trying to capture other parts of the church
Above is the link of a video on "Bombing of Hamburg" in 1943 and St. Nikolai Church is shown in video too.

Hamburg Groninger Pils

This should be one of the best German restaurant I have been in Hamburg, the Groninger Pils. Dinner time, hungry.

Oh, a Camaro!!!!! It parked just outside of the reastaurant.

You can choose to sit in a giant barrel if you like to.

This is one full German Pork Kunckle. It is so big that I can finish half only.

Yummy, enjoying my food

Bengt decided to pose for me when I said that this restaurant looks like a prison.

Hamburg Miniatur Wunderland

This is my 2nd time to Hamburg, Germany (for a week from 23rd Aug to 30th Aug). Although I was there last year in Sept and stay for 2 weeks, I didn't have much chances to sight see but I do have during this trip. Thanks for the location of the hotel we have stayed. Steinberger Hotel, more expensive than Ibis Alster I have stayed last year (in fact double of Ibis) but it's near to most of our customer, interest site and shopping. Quite a pleasant trip except for the heat.

I was walking towards Miniatur Wunderland from hotel and I saw this beautiful bridge.

There, I reach Miniatur Wunderland. Nice building too and there are other interest site and theatre at this building too.

This is not real but it looks really "REAL". If you wonder why the photo is so dark or why do I visit this "wonderland" at night. Thanks to the lighting effects in this wonderland. There will be times when it is morning, afternoon, evening and night time by control of lightings. Miniatur Wunderland consist of "exhibits" from Germany, Switzerland, Italy and etc. They are planning to expand to other countries like India, Scandinavia etc.

This is really a miniature wonderland.... everything moves here and it looks so realistic.

Stadium filled up with thousands of fans as there is a soccer match in progress. Sorry, I really don't know what stadium is this.

There's snow and winter in "Miniatur Wunderland" too

This looks grand and trains moving on the tracks so took a photo of it. In fact, all train moves and most of the trucks and bus in this city moves too.

Cars moving in and out of a tunnel in Autobahn. Believe me, all objects are placed so close to visitors that you can really pluck one or two items off the city.

A scene in "Night in the Museum"?

This is one of my favourite part of the exhibits. Thousands of fans watching a concert.