Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mumbai 19th to 25th Sept 2010

Lobby area of Le Royal Meridien Hotel. The service quality of this hotel is really very good.

This is my hotel room. The bed is one of the most comfortable I have slept in.

Too many cars in India so they have to move upwards to maximize space.

This is my ride during my one week stay in Mumbai, a Chevrolet Tavara.

Parking space in Mumbai is limited and tight too.

An old Indian Fiat Taxi.

British Leyland? No, it's Ashok Leyland.

A man gardening on the roof top of a tall building without any harness. Sorry, couldn't zoom in any more.

Homeless man sleeping on a busy road. Common sight in Mumbai as there are even families sleeping by the road side. It hurts my heart especially seeing old folks who are homeless.

A beach in Mumbai.

Partying in Mumbai. I was tipsy, the photographer is drunk.

At the party with people I just got to know.

Me at the Gateway of India. Beautiful isn't it?

The Famous Taj Mahar Hotel. It's really grand.

Many of these horses with carriage at the tourist spot.