Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holland & Germany 21st Feb to 5th March

We reached Amstersdam early morning and Kaimi San picked us up. We went to Rotterdam where we put up at Tulip Hotel.

We walked around our hotel area and took some pictures. Above picture is big bro with a vessel name almost after me.

We departed for Germany 2 days later. We reach a hotel in Haren for lunch.

They have many antique display in the restaurant.

I really don't know what's this. Anyone can enlighten me?

Very nice vintage pram at the staircase of the hotel.

Customer's office in Leer.

My big brother and I in a restaurant in Bremen.

A famous statue in Bremen. Someone like to tell us the stories of these animals?

Lego Shop in Hamburg. Not a fan but just step in to take a look.

I met a demonstration while doing my shopping and strolling in front of Hamburg Rathaus.

Police in front of the Rathaus to watch over the demonstrators.

Taxi? Or Bicycle? Tourist can take it for a ride to tour around.

Someone shrunk me!

This is not beer but beer candy with marshmellow as "topping".

My favourite building, St. Nikolai's Church in Hamburg. I always can't stop admire her beauty whenever I am in Hamburg.

It's still cold, rivers or lakes are still covered with thin ice.

Beautiful scene while we on our way back to Rotterdam.

Our ride during the 2 weeks in Holland and Germany.